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I went with the Mountain Top EVO-M and love it. It’s a tank and doesn’t leak at all. I like the small canister and the fact that I can add a rack if I want it. The drainage system is what put me over the edge. It’s got massive drainage tubes and routes the water out nicely. I toiled over this one and the Retrax but the shop that installed it said they love it because they don’t get people coming back in due to leaks.

Just installed a Bakflip MX4 today in about an hour. It also poured rain today here in Houston and it was very dry inside the bed area. Super happy with it.


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I have the Truxedo Sentry CT on mine. I am a fan of the low profile and the fabric top layer. I definitely wanted a sturdier and “harder for someone to get in to” cover than what I had on my Colorado. It’s held up so far, not that I’ve beat on it too bad but I try to take care of things. I still need to get spacers for my grab handle since it hits the rail piece for the cover ever so slightly. To each their own, but I just wasn’t a fan of the folding style and prefer the roll up style. They each have benefits though, good luck on your search! It took me a few months to decide and finally did it when my wife yelled at me to just go buy it 😂. I kept annoying her with my back and forth on brands and styles.
I have the same really happy with it so far

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