What did you do to your AT4 today?

was there no way to get a tool behind there and just snap the clips off and let the old one fall out? Any pics of the back of the old emblem to give me an idea of what it's attached like? Thanks man!
I just hyperdip the front logo and called it a day.

How many miles left to empty? I am surprised that the filling station pump icon under the fuel gauge didn't turn yellow.
94 miles, idk when it turns on but I think around 50? Just got back from towing so I haven’t had a chance to unhook and take it to fill up haha

Got the Crystal Serum Ultra 9 yr ceramic coating this week.View attachment 5887
Mine went in for the same yesterday. I also did the PPF wrap on the whole front end. I was told it will be ready Saturday I cant wait to get it picked up first truck Ive done the PPF on and I am confident that they will do a better job on the ceramic coating than I did on my last one.