My one gripe with my '24 2500 AT4

M10 for me. Issue gone.

Hopefully an engineer sees this and they agree to move things around on the screen in next update. Dreaming perhaps, but it would help for those who don't want to push a button 9 times each time. I'm used to it as I drive my 1500 in M5 to keep it in 8cyl mode at all times.
Maybe GM went woke and only hires engineers and designers shorter than 5' 2". :) With the seat that far up, nothing blocked, no problems.

I agree that this is a real irritation. It could be fixed so easily by adjusting the software to put the little info window in the upper right side of the screen instead of the lower left. Or at least update the software so the user can drag that window to where ever they want it. I think the screen was designed with the console shifter first, and this problem was not considered when the larger screen as introduced into the HD column shifter model.
That makes perfect sense to me. The screen being designed with the console shift. This is actually the only explanation I'll accept haha. They do cut costs by using the same components, but look what that's done. Frustrating the users of your best/profitable sellers!

I love this truck, but have one gripe with it. The shifter blocks the navigation data (ETA, Miles to dest, etc.). You have to really lean forward to see it. That is something I expect from Ford, not GMC. I don't know if any of you had one of those rounded off Ford F-150's (like 25 years ago) without power windows. You could not open or close the windows without opening the door because the seat butted right up against the handle. I'm 5' 11', so it's not a seat adjustment too far forward issue. This shifter issue is almost as irritating as the window handle. Nobody noticed that during the design??? Other than that, my AT4 is everything I ever wanted in a truck.

Edit: My gripe is not with the shifter itself, it's with the shifter placement blocking the display. I don't mean to make this a column vs console debate. I don't care either way.

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