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Keyless entry


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Aug 29, 2022
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Steilacoom, WA
Had one on my Ford it was Great! Did not know GM had such?! In my Ford, left key fob in it all the time, will a GM lock with the key fob still in the truck?
It will lock with the key inside... don't ask me how I know...

Actually I should share this story so others don't find out the hard way. Locked my car and went fishing all day. Put my keys in my jacket pocket since it zipped closed thinking it was safer there. After fishing and returning to my car I opened the back hatch using the foot function. Put fishing gear in back and took off my jacket since it was hot, and threw it in the back forgetting my keys were inside. Closed the rear hatch and went to driver's door and hit the unlock button to no avail. Stayed locked. Reached for my keys in my pants pocket where I normally keep them and then realized they were in my jacket.

Yup, you CAN lock your key in the car.