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Wheels on your truck, Andy... are those 18" wheels on your truck? Mine came with 20", but I am thinking about changing them to the factory 18" that look just like these. I like the 18"s for a better ride and more rubber between the rim and road.
Great looking truck, I have the 21 same color with the 3.0. I am at 37,500 miles and have been enjoying it.
Question on your running boards? I'm trying to determine if the "High Clearance Running Boards" (GM#84630474) will bolt up to my 2019 AT4 1500 Crew. Spacing between the three mounts (front to rear) on the unibody are as follows: 21 3/8" +- between the front mount and center mount.......46"+- between center mount and rear mount. Just curious if the spacing is close on your 2022? Thanks.
Do you have pictures of your new truck?
New owner of a 2022 GMC 1500 Limited AT4 6.2L. First GMC owned. Previously owned 3 Chevy Silverados (97, 99, 06). So far enjoying the ride, and love the full tech package it came with. Looking forward to chatting with the forum folks here.
Looking at the 2” ready lift sst on 2021 1500 AT4. Wanting to keep factory 20” wheels. Probably going to rub upper control arm ball joint. Any ideas on how big a wheel spacer might work with 295/65/20 tires without rubbing anywhere?
How's it going? This forum seems difficult to navigate. Anyway, do you have pictures of the bed cover you were talking about? How are you liking the 6 1/2 ft bed? I was super tempted to go that length, but I was worried that would be "too much truck" in a city like San Diego.

Also, what year AT4 did you get?