Wind / front windshield NOISE.!!

GrandCanyon AT4

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Jul 6, 2023
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Santa Cruz, Ca.
At speed about 74 mph. Freeway only, I had not been on open freeway since i bought this Canyon AT4 . The air hits the front glass and it squeals ,hideous sounding noise.
This week I had to run up to Oregon 600 mile ride. I was averaging 72-75 , but above that speed the noise was so bad I had to open the Sunroof or turn up the Stereo loud enough to drown the noise out.
Here's the Vid. I found on this problem. Apparently GM used a weak flimsy front windshield seal and a firmer seal is available. I have to contact service dept. to get to the bottom of this issue.
Who knows if it will also leak water this winter? Possible , if not Probable.
I'll re-post when I find out what the fix is going to be.
This is the vid. I found on a Chevy Colorado forum.

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