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Good evening all, I'm not officially an owner yet but I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my '24 3500HD AT4 Duramax. It's "in transit", with event code 4300 but the dealer doesn't know when it'll arrive to them. All I know is the truck is sitting in the Flint, MI holding cell. Nonetheless, Onyx Black and pretty damn loaded but will add vent visors and tonneau cove the day I pick it up. I'll be trading in my '18 2500HD Silverado.

Started with the 1st gen 2019 AT4, currently 2023 AEV. The end.


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Hello all, new owner of a 2021 AT4 diesel, Carbon Pro, Onyx Black. Anxiously awaiting delivery from a dealership out of state. Already have the ReadyLift SST 2” lift en route. Still deciding on wheels and tires. Have the materials to make it as midnight as possible. Graphing coating en route as well. Can’t wait to get this truck in hand and go to work.

hello from S Texas / 2023 AT4X AEV Edition


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I wish I had the Brembos but dealership also told me that the kit would not fit the AT4X. So I settled for the Rough Country caliper covers. Easy install and I like the look:cool:

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