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Thanks. Same here. It appears they only make one running board and flip it for the passenger side.
Ok… thought my dealer was trying to pass the wrong one off on me. Im a bit ocd and find it a bit weird they would actually manufacture something thats not in the same location on both side of the truck… oh well i guess I will have to live with it. Thanks for your help :))

Hey Everyone, patiently waiting for my 23 to come in! It's a t code 3000 so hoping it's just a few more weeks to production.

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the order!

New to me 2021, with 20k miles. Like new, barely a scratch. Added a color matched topper, steps and bedrug. Loving it so far. I have drven an FJ Cruiser for the last 11 years, this truck is like a Cadillac! Thanks for looking


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I have a 2022 AT4. Made in December 2021. Both running boards are as they should, SIERRA under front door. Can't imagine them any other way. Wow!
Guess I'll have to see what my dealership says about that. :unsure: Now it's going to bug the crap out of me. Like I've been saying lately, it's only the 21st century, so don't expect too much. :)

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