Rough ride no matter what


Apr 26, 2023
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Broussard, LA
I have owned or driven several 3/4 tons over the years. At my core I am a Ram person, and the last Ram 2500 I owned was a 14 gasser with coil spring rear end. I have a SRW F350 diesel 8' bed and a 16 SB Ram 2500 diesel at my disposal to drive everyday. I have noticed my truck is rough but attributed it to short bed and leaf springs. Recently, hopped in my buddies 21 High Country 2500 Diesel and it was way smoother than my AT4. Then I had a couple of customers in the truck for lunch. One a F250 Platinum diesel driver the other a Chevy 2500 diesel owner. Both asked what I have done to my truck to make it ride so rough. My wife routinely gasps from driving down main drag in our town from hitting standard bumps in the road. Granted I live in Louisiana and our bumps are probably not accepted in other states. I am on the factory Goo Years and only have 10.6k miles. I needed the 2500 for the ground clearance while pulling a tractor. I really don't travel far enough most days to get a diesel to temperatures.
Yesterday I got under the truck and didn't notice anything out of place or wrong.
As soon as I bought the truck, I had them lower the TPMS threshold to 40 rear and 45 front. I routinely run them 50psi front and 45psi in rear. There was no need to wear out the middle of tires or run that much pressure not pulling anything.
Could GMC only run 1 front suspension set up and I am feeling this because I am in a lighter gas motor and transmission?
I know this will never be as smooth as a coil spring truck. I just can;t believe it is that much rougher than the diesels.
Any idea what I should be looking for to mitigate this?
This is also why I am researching the lift kits so hard.

Here is some info I have found researching and checking this issue.
Torsion Bar PN per Front axle rating.
4400 FGAWR 84745473/5
4800 FGAWR 84745477/9
5200 FGAWR 84745481/3
5600 FGAWR 84745485/7
6000 FGAWR 84745489/91

In the process of checking the torsion bar numbers, I noticed wrench mark over the stickers. I am wondering if the dealership cranked them to make the truck level?
Drivers side Front: Hub: 24" Floor : 40 1/4" Drivers Side rear: Hub25 1/2" Floor: 41 5/16" Rake: 1.062"
Passenger side: Front Hub: 24 7/16" Floor: 40 3/8" Rear: Hub: 25 5/8" Floor: 41 9/16" Rake: 1.187"
Anyone know if this is the right amount of rake? Where would I find the numbers of how the suspension should have left the factory?

Cognito comfort ride torsion bars could help you. Maybe you have the snow plow camper package torsion bars that are extra stiff. My 23 AT4HD 1/2” of rake, factory tires, diesel, 65-70psi- rides great.
Torsion bars are correct for the 4800lbs front axle. It was after riding in a buddies High Country and vice versa is what made me ask. 1/2" of rake is kind of crazy for a truck made to pull.

Maybe your truck has too much rake and you’re resting on the front bump stops. That would cause it to have little travel and a rougher ride.
Everything I see says it is supposed to touch. I know the alignment isn't spot on. I keep thinking about taking it to a local shop 4x4 and having them inspect every thing. I also need lift kit advice, so that alignment is going to be expensive long term.,

Not as bad as I thought I saw. I could have had the wheel turned when changing the fender lights. My brain told me it was smashed. Obviously, not! So is this normal?


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