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Lund Bed Extender Install on 2023 Carbon Pro AT4


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Jan 9, 2023
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Miami, FL
After scouring the internet for an install tutorial or tips on how to install a Lund Bed Extender on my 2023 Carbon Pro AT4, I received an IM from a guy who had done it by assembling the extender, attaching the brackets and lining it up, marking the holes and drilling. He then put in rivet nuts and used the included bolts. I, on the other hand wasn’t in the mood to use river nuts so I went ahead and removed the tail lights. I was able to use all of the included hardware as stated in the instructions to attach the brackets. Install came out solid. Hope these steps and photos will help.

1. Assemble the bed extender per the instructions however do not completely tighten the plastic brackets that hold the crossbars together. You might need to make minor adjustments so that the extender and mounting brackets sit up against the sides of the bed. You can close the tailgate to assist in centering where the mounting will go.

2. Once you line up the brackets, Place tape to mark at the top of the bracket and a piece of tape on the the bed behind the top hole on the bracket which provides a clear surface to write on and mark the holes. Remove the bed extender. Mark and drill the tops of both holes which will give you the ability to adjust the brackets up if necessary.

3. Remove the 2 torx bolts that hold the tail lights and pop them out.

4. Using 1/8, 3/16, then 5/16 drill bits, drill the top holes. Use the included hardware to attach the brackets using the bolts as per the instructions. Do not drill the bottom holes until you re attach the extender and drill your bottom holes directly through the bracket hole. Screw in the bolts and tighten.

5. Reattach the bed extender and make sure it’s even and the bed closes properly.

6. Reinstall taillights


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