Leaking Back Glass


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Nov 17, 2022
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Noticed water on the rear driver side seat after a day of rain. Traced it to the top of the sliding back glass track. Cleaned it up and sprayed it down. Sure enough! More water dripping in the corner. Have an appointment at the dealership next week. 800 miles on the truck. Super Aggravating after the price point on these things!!!

So took my truck back to the dealership. The bodyshop guy was super understanding and said that he thought GM had a problem in assembly with breaking the seal on these trucks. They kept it a week. Replaced the frame and resealed the entire rear glass. Time will tell but satisifed for the moment and glad to have it back.

Sounds like you found a dealer that knew how to repair. Must have learned that gobbling sealant on it wouldn't work.

The question may be..."Has anybody had a rear window that doesn't leak?"
Yes. No leaks on a '21 Denali 1500, '22 Denali 3500, and a '23 AT4 2500. The '23 has only been through a couple of truck washes, no downpours. All sliders.

Mine hasn't leaked at all, however I'm aware of a bad sealing job on the plastic piece that goes on the back of the cab.