Getting a New 2024 AT4 Turbomax 3.0: AT4X Front Bumper!


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Apr 2, 2024
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Cooper City, FL
I'm about to get a new 2024 AT4, Turbomax 3.0 looking for it. New to the full size truck in the US, growing size as family grows. Is it possible to replace the plastic front bumper to the AT4X one at reasonable price?

I don't need and don't want the extra clearance neither the additional items of the ATX (of course, neither the additional cost). However really would like the protection and appearance of the ASV Bumper. Any alternative after market with reasonable price?

Front bumper on the AT4 is steel, not plastic. My understanding is that AEV is not selling the AT4X bumper to the aftermarket as GM has an exclusive deal for a few years.

@chaseydog is absolutely correct. I can't think of a fullsize gm pickup with a plastic bumper. I can't also believe how well gm can stick paint to a bumper.

You will enjoy the Duramax 3.0.

Also, the at4x bumper is not a straight swap to the regular at4. If you want to upgrade you have to replace most of the panels in the front end since the fenders are a different shape where they meet the bumper.

Another consideration would be the weight of the AEV bumper. If it’s significantly heavier than the stock bumper it may cause the front end to squat unless you upgrade the suspension.

Well, we have a thorough list of reasons to not mess around with it, at least for now. Thank you gents for the good informative notes. I'll keep thinking about it, just close to get the truck. :)

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