Bilstein B8 5100 Strut for 2023 does not fit 2024 - just found out the hard way


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Dec 16, 2023
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North Carolina
So I brought my truck to the shop today to have a Readylift SST 2.0 lift kit along with B8 5100s installed. Evidently, GMC has changed something about how the shock mounts. I have not picked up the truck to look for myself what is different. Maybe I am the dummy for assuming no difference between 23-24, but wanted to let others not make the same mistake.

This happening has made me rethink my entire plan and move away from the Readylift and maybe towards coilovers.

Has anyone lifted a 2024 2'' over the factory 2''? What product did you use?

Bilsteins web page does not list any shocks available for that truck.

I knew that before ordering. I just figured that there webpage had yet to be updated. As I have been doing mods I have noticed many manufacturers have yet to update websites. I also figured that I would have heard people talking about on the forum if things have changed. I don't get it. I am new to this, but doesn't the shock attached to the lower control arm? I just checked the GM parts website and no changes in the LCA part number 23 vs 24.

Maybe the shop ran the part number and won’t install as a CYA because it’s not listed as compatible?

They showed me when I went to pick up. The bolt holes on the strut just don't line up with the LCA. The good news is that this made me rethink what I am going to do moving forward. I emailed Readylift this after about the SST 2.0 lift not being listed for 2024. They told me that a new version for 2024s will be coming out in the next fee months. I am shelving lifting/shocks until it comes out.

I measured the bolt spacing on the LCA today. It is 4”. The Bilstein mount measures 3.5”. I don’t get it. The LCA has not changed from 23 to 24 according to gm parts site.

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