22 AT4 sensor issues


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Aug 3, 2022
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I have a 22 at4 with about 15,000 miles now and for two weeks now my adaptive cruise control and lane assist among a few other features have completely quit working. I figured I’d give it a bit of time to cycle but nothing has changed. All sensors are intact and I see no issues. Taking it to dealership Friday and will update if I actually get an answer. New to the thread but I put on about 1000 miles or more a week for work so I’ll definitely be testing the longevity of the truck as the miles rack up sooner than most others.
One month in and at the time I got my first online gm diagnostic survey and my onstar data package expired; I lost my posted speed limit display in the white box. It hasn't returned and I haven't bothered to see why yet?:(
Happened to my refresh. SOmetimes when the cpu updates it screws that up. Dealer pulled fuse for 30 seconds and no problem since. If it's not that then probably the camera.

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