2025 GMC Sierra HD production to start July 29th, 2024

Yeah I get the F250 but the solid front axle and cp4 fuel pump is a hard no.

I like the cubie for my iphone and ipad set up. See pic. Could go HC.

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Yes, the solid front rides rougher than the GMs for sure.

I have never seen this attachment, very cool! And now I understand why you want the cubbie. I figured it was not for chapstick ;-)

I am really starting to lean towards a Silverado instead of Sierra. Again, pros and cons. I have had 2 Sierras in a row I wish they offered more interior color choices, or at least let you choose a color for each given model (thinking AT4 and AT4X here, you get what they offer and that is it).

Not sure if anyone has talked about this but wondering why the 2500 ultimate did not get the Bose headrest like the Yukon ultimate has!

Items that must have attention for me to trade in my 23.
-Fix column shifter from blocking the screen
-12 volt outlet in the cab
-Bed lighting switch at tailgate
-Cubie on top of dash

Items I would like to see.
-4k power in bed
-aux switches
-Pano sunroof
-Seat refresh
-interior ambient lighting

Simple things and this truck would be great. I'd be shocked if 1 item gets addressed.
These are great points. I just got my 24' so I'd be a at least a little bummed if all these items were addressed. 4k power in bed would be a game changer for GM.

I was all for a pano roof and was surprised they didn’t put one in on the refresh. Honestly couldn’t care less now. Had one in my 19 ram rebel and I rarely used it. Huge downside of it was the amount of heat in the summer it would attract in the cab. It would take forever for the truck to cool down and even still wasn’t that cold in the cab with the AC blasting. Living in 35-40C plus weather in the summer isn’t ideal to have a huge glass panel on the roof.
It's not the fact that I'd open the roof. If the fact that the light it brings in makes the truck feel huge. Plus my young kids loved looking out the window on drives in my old truck.

Just ordered my truck a couple weeks ago, looked like the changes for '25 were mainly in how options were packaged. Nothing that affected the AT4 package, just stuff that became standard on other trims.

Sorry, wasn't clear. It is a '24 HD. I was thinking of waiting a few months to order to get a '25, but it didn't look like there would be any changes on my build.
Thats what I kind of figured but how do you know what changes are in for 25? Sorry but I am having buyers remorse without even buying yet. I have a 24 HD on order but dont want to miss out on improvements that might be in a 25.

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