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Nov 3, 2023
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Good afternoon Folks,

I've come across a couple of AT4's with a GM factory wheel but there completely in black color and gloss finish. Both were 20" wheels. One truck was a preowned model in Onyx Black and the other was a Volcanic Red Tint Coat that I saw on here in the pics forum. I just wanted to ask " is there another wheel choice when ordering the truck or on the " Build and price " site ? I always thought that there were only two wheel choices for AT4 models. The 18" and the 20" with the black 20" model having the silver accents on the spokes..? Can anyone clear up some confusion for me please ?
Much appreciated..
Have a great weekend !!

Those are the only two wheel choices I'm aware of. Are you sure you weren't looking at an AT4X? I'm not sure what wheels they have available.

Hello, and thanks for your reply. I am 100% sure it's a 24' 1500 AT4 in Onyx black and it's a Duramax. It's a preowned truck sitting in the used lot at a local Toyota dealer near my home. That's what threw me off when I first saw it. At first, I thought it was an Elevation model because of the gloss black 20" wheels, but it's definitely an AT4. It only has 9,300 kms(5,500 miles) on it. Looks very clean. But definitely not a AT4X. Was originally on the lot for $83K, then dropped to $80K now it's down to $78K, but keep in mind that these are in " Canadian dollars ". Maybe original owner swapped out the stock AT4 wheels or had them painted/powder coated ?

Yeah I'm kinda thinking the original owner did something different with the wheels. There's definitely only 2 options for the 24's. If you plug the VIN into the website vehiclehistory.com, it might show you the past sale history with pictures.

Is this the wheel you are talking about? Granted it's dirty, but this is a coworkers new 2024 AT4 1500 with the Duramax.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's it ! It definitely is not a regular AT4 wheel with the silver inlays on the spokes. Thanks for posting the pic, much appreciated. It does look good (y) .

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