2023 GMC 1500 AT4 carbon pro bed looking for bed cover

Carbon Pro owner here. I have the Agricover LoMax. They have a Carbon Pro version, fits great, seals up good, looks good. I can recommend it as a folding hard cover.

That said, if I had it to do over, I'd go with hard roll up. I loved the Truxedo Sentry CT I had on my last truck. Also kinda interested in the Retrax XR models for the included T slot rail section.

I did this one from GMC website. I like it. Good fit.

I have the BAKFlip MX4 on my 2021 Carbon Pro. You will have to drill a couple mounting spots for the bed rails to mount the cover to. They give you the templates. They provide U clips to secure it too. Best investment I made to my truck.

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