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2022 YUKON AT4 - Redwood color


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Aug 1, 2022
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I am not sure if anyone out there ordered or seen the Redwood Color in person but you will be surprised. My husband and I ordered this SUV the first week of December 2021. We received the call last week that it was in consequently, we drove to go see our new baby. When we arrived, the sale person walked us over to it and we both stared - blankly. We thought 'there must be a mistake'. This color looks nothing like the redwood swatch that is online. This color is BROWN. Even the people walking by said "I that going to be our brown car?". It is the color of a dark cinnamon or chocolate. There is minimal red in this color and to say the least we are very disappointed after waiting 9 months. We cancelled the order and decided not to purchase the vehicle.

I post this as a warning to all who 'think' the redwood is going to be pretty - if you like brown vehicles, this one is for you !!!

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