2022 clunk noise near transmission case or leave spring

I just bought a 2022 refreshed Sierra 1500 AT4 and I started noticing the "clunking" after I put about 100 miles on the truck. Extremely frustrating considering this is a $70K vehicle. I have read elsewhere that sometimes the U-bolts are not tightened to the correct specs. Some folks also mentioned that they think it is the rear locker engaging and disengaging. I also saw someone say that they took their truck to the dealership for the same issue and the dealer said that the clunking noise was caused by normal play in the rear diff.... hope that is not the case. Let me know if you figure out what is causing your issue.

Same here. Just bought refreshed AT4, 1300 miles. Shifts hard in lower gears and i get a vibration or bouncing feel when driving slow and transmission shifts gears. almost as if 4x4 is on. weird.

Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to rear suspensions. I am not a mechanical person whatsoever so I was hoping that this clue I am about to give may help someone help me. I know that there is not much to the rear suspension in these trucks so I am confident that someone will be able to provide some guidance here.

I am still experiencing the clunking noise. I had my family's mechanic tighten up the U-Bolts on both sides of the rear axel and it did not fix the issue. The following day I went to get my first car wash since buying the truck and the noise was almost completely eliminated following the wash. As I expected, the noise returned louder and louder as the suspension continued to dry off. That said, I am inclined to believe that this is a lubrication issue. Please let me know if anyone needs some more context here and I will try to help out. Extremely annoying that this happened to me on mile 100 on the odometer.

I have heard the leaf springs in the back obviously, could need tightening or lubro


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