2021 Canyon AT4 questions...

J dawson

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Oct 19, 2023
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I recently bought a used 2021 Canyon AT4 with less than 30,000 miles.. I love it with a few reservations.

1.) I didn't notice how high it is until it was too late. It has a grab bar on the passenger side but none on the driver's side where I really need it (I'm old and short).

2.) The auto dimming lights work but too well. It dims the GPS screen when parking under a canopy but doesn't brighten even when bright daylight, sunny and 4:30 PM. I can switch off auto but then I lose DLRs.

3.) I hate that I paid so much for a vehicle and have to pay OnStar to use the myGMC app, and I lose the nav's traffic service.

Other than that, I love the truck!

The steering wheel is your grab bar. Works for me.
The auto dimming is annoying. I turn it off like you and then on again when the light changes.
My truck came with three yrs of paid OnStar, but after that I’m not paying it. OnStar fees are ridiculously overpriced. I still will have my Nav system and that’s all I need.
My major complaint is the infotainment keeps asking for my password to use connection services, and when I enter the correct p/w it says it’s invalid and asks again. What a pain.
Overall, ya got to admit, it’s a damn nice truck.