2021 AT4 - Two Blown 6.2L in 25k Miles


I heard this was "thing" but it seems so much more widespread than initially perceived. Had a buddy who went throguh this and they applied the "lemon law" and he went with Ram. Best of luck my dude.

Well…GM legal dept is on par with their 6.2 engine. Suit was filed Feb 27. They have 21 days to answer the suit (or settle earlier out of court) from the date of service. They have missed their 21 day threshold and it’s nothing but crickets.

my buddy has the yukon denali with the 6.2L. He had a 2019 who's 6.2L engine went, so he got a 2021 6.2L and that motor just went on him too. I've got 20k miles on mine and so far so good (finger's crossed)

Damn that’s unfortunate. I’d a done the same thing or even worse. My trucks only 10 weeks into ownership ($85k truck which I paid over half with a clean low mileage Denali HD trade in) and I only have 860 miles on it. May take me past the manufactures warranty to get enough miles for it to blow up which is not good I don’t buy extended warranties on anything. This is Unacceptable GM how long y’all been making the 6.2 or a big V8? This type stuff should NOT be happening! Find the reason(s), person(s) at fault and give them their walking papers.

@Barnes53 - did you have any indication prior to the engine failure that something was amiss? Rough running? Noise?

That's crazy! Hope you get it figured out. Keep us updated.

GM finally settled out of court. They are buying the truck back and returning all payments along with collateral costs in addition to covering lawyer costs. Case closed.

Glad it worked out for you. Still a PITA to have to deal with. Do you know what your next truck will be? Best of luck.

Other person, very sorry to hear about your entire ordeal. 9 years ago I had my two front air bags go off in my Elantra, involuntarily while sitting parked just turned off ignition and bang.." bags went off ". Took 2 1/2 years for Hyundai to settle. Needless to say, never see me or any of my family members in a Hyundai ever again. I'm hoping to be in an AT4 in the near future, an I'm kinda leaning towards the 3.0 Duramax. Good luck with your future vehicle... (y)

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