2018 GMC Canyon to Canyon AT4

Dennis isn’t wrong BUT there are a lot of people who aren’t having any issues. I have a new Canyon AT4 with 2000 miles on it and not a single issue yet. I love it. I traded my 2022 GMC Sierra AT4 Duramax in for this one and I like this better. There’s even a thread on the Colorado site (which is awesome bc there’s a lot of good stuff) that talks about how there’s a lot of threads of people ONLY having issues and the people not having issues aren’t really sharing their experiences too bc well, nothing to share negative. I’m one of those. I use my truck too. I pull my boat (approx 4000lbs), I go off road in it, drive around Houston in it to take my son to baseball etc. Again, not one issue.

I agree with you, BUT, forums represent such a small number of owners. They just serve to remind that anything new is likely to have bugs. Just be aware and consider the sources of any negative reviews. My 22 AT4 is awesome. I personally would not buy a 23 as there are some deal breakers for me. For instance the 4banger isn’t for me. Also, there is too much technology for me. Wish you the best on your decision search.

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