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  1. RiverHopper

    24 AT4 leveling kit

    Sorry...should have been more clear, the 2" spacers under your leaf springs.
  2. RiverHopper

    24 AT4 leveling kit

    Like it. What type of 2" spacer for the rear did you go with? Do you have overload springs?
  3. RiverHopper

    Slight Vibration on Auto 4wd

    Apologies if this has been addressed before. I noticed since engaging Auto 4wd, that during acceleration, there is a slight vibration that i feel in the front end. As soon as I reach desired speed, the vibration stops. I switched back over to 2wd, and acceleration was smooth. This test was done...
  4. RiverHopper

    Help! Which Fuel Additive

    Been down the rabbit hole on this one. Amsoil, Lucas, Hot Shots…etc…so many options. I live in northern Nevada, freezing winters/hot summers, at 5,000ft elevation, 6.6 Duramax. What does everyone like? How often do you add it? Anything else I need to consider? Thanks!
  5. RiverHopper

    11,050 miles and in for service repair AGAIN.

    *UPDATE* Finally got the truck back today. They had it since the 3rd, so 8 days. They replaced the water pump as well as took care of the oil leak with a new Crank Pulley bolt. So far so good, but I’ll keep an eye out on. They also took care of the ecm/tcm recall. I really do love this...
  6. RiverHopper

    11,050 miles and in for service repair AGAIN.

    This time it has nothing to do with the emissions system error that had me in for service not once, not twice, but THREE times. Luckily that issue seems to be resolved (though not holding my breath on that one). No, this time it’s the front of the engine. I make it a point to inspect the...
  7. RiverHopper

    What color is your AT4 HD?

    All good! What level did you go with?
  8. RiverHopper

    What color is your AT4 HD?

    Did you need spacers?
  9. RiverHopper

    What color is your AT4 HD?

    Nice looking truck! Did you level it?
  10. RiverHopper

    GM Buyback

    i looked into it. No so far as the process with GM, but the Lemon Law as it relates to my state. Seems they have three tries at a fix, with the last one being a "last attempt at resolution", which essentially gives them one last attempt before you can formally initiate the process. From what i...
  11. RiverHopper

    BUMMED! It’s back in for service - 2024 HD2500 AT4

    Awesome! Keep us updated if anything else pops up! I love my truck and what i've done to it, but would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of yours.
  12. RiverHopper

    BUMMED! It’s back in for service - 2024 HD2500 AT4

    I hate answering this question (i get asked frequently), as I don't want to jinx it, but after my last service and about another 6000 miles...NO ISSUES! Hence the level, topper and a few other mods. I am committed now...wish me luck!
  13. RiverHopper

    2024 GMC AT4 HD Photo Thread

    I played around with the DCS, mainly with the high speed adjuster, and though you can adjust to be quite “floaty” I did feel it sacrificed some handling characteristics. Doesn’t feel completely loose, but the body roll didn’t feel right for my driving preference. If you crank them down all the...
  14. RiverHopper

    2024 GMC AT4 HD Photo Thread

    Pretty sweet! WAY nicer of a ride than the Ranchos (obviously), Honestly, loving everything about the level and shocks.
  15. RiverHopper

    2024 GMC AT4 HD Photo Thread

    Just got the topper the other day. With the Cognito level I did a month back, I think I’m done for a while. I do want new 18” wheels and the Sherpa rack, but those will have to wait.
  16. RiverHopper

    Brand new & puked oil (the ongoing saga)

    Bummer. Keep us updated!
  17. RiverHopper

    Help! Rear passenger side slightly lower than driver side

    Hey all...I might be over-reacting but i've a bit of OCD and cant help myself. The rear of my 2024 leans slight down to the right. I measure from the cent of the wheel to the bottom of my fender and my passenger side is lower by 3/16". Is this within tolerance? What could be the issue? Thanks...
  18. RiverHopper

    New AT4HD Owner - SE Michigan

    Welcome to the club! Love the black out emblems. Do you know if those were part of a package or is that the default package for that Thunderstorm Grey. Sweet looking truck…you’re going to love it!
  19. RiverHopper

    Just installed Cognito Elite 3” Level and HATE…

    Looking at my cognito level, I would think 12.5 would absolutely rub. I’ve got 285/65/20, which are 11.2 wide and I’d be nervous going any wider.