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  1. Cwales

    Fitting Tires with Ready Lift SST 2.0 lift

    I have friends that have been able to put 35/12.50/20 on. It is a tight fit with factory control arms. That’s also including a 2 inch RC kit. I think also depends on the tire itself. I have ready lift 2.0 with their UCA. I think 35/12.50 will rub or too close for me.
  2. Cwales

    285/65R20 and mudflap bracket mod

    Can you send a couple of pictures of your truck?
  3. Cwales

    Fitting Tires with Ready Lift SST 2.0 lift

    Keep the spacer or go with different size tire. The 285/60 would fit or probably the 295/60
  4. Cwales

    Rear Leaf springs popping noise

    Same. I posted the same a few weeks back on a 2022 refresh with 2000 miles. No resolution for me.
  5. Cwales

    2022 clunk noise near transmission case or leave spring

    I have heard the leaf springs in the back obviously, could need tightening or lubro
  6. Cwales

    Inexpensive leveling kit

    I didn’t install the rear either
  7. Cwales

    Inexpensive leveling kit

    I would honestly look at good quality . It will pay off in the long run. i went with Ready Lift sst. 2 inch lift in front, 1 in the back if you want it, but most importantly- upper control arms to support the lift.
  8. Cwales

    New to the forum and Lift question

    Looks good. does the tires stick out any? Got a picture of that angle?
  9. Cwales

    2022 clunk noise near transmission case or leave spring

    Anyone hearing a clunk noise at slow reverse or slow forward around the transmission case or leaf spring? I know this has been an issue in the past and I’m hearing and feeling at 1600 miles.
  10. Cwales

    22 AT4 - Possible Issues

    Anyone hearing clunk noise at slow speed near the gear case or leaf springs area??
  11. Cwales

    Chrome Exhaust Bezels Powder Coated Gloss Black

    Would like to see pictures of your truck
  12. Cwales

    2022 chip for heated/AC Seats

    2022 refresh AT4- has anyone been able to install the chip to complete the heated/ac seats? I heard GM is putting this in recent releases, but I have not seen any notice. Mine has heated steering wheel, but the seats are to be retrofitted. Thanks
  13. Cwales

    Titanium Rush Metallic with 1.75" Ready Lift Level - 20" Wheel Tire Combos

    Brad, I’d like to see a couple of more pictures, please. I think 295 fit perfect. And I like to Toyo. I’ve had the nitto ridge grappler. Heavy, wide and rough, hard tire.
  14. Cwales

    Leveled AT4X - 35x12.50 Attempt - Fits but don’t Recommend

    Thanks for sharing. This is good to see. A 34 inch may be perfect for Sierra. 295
  15. Cwales

    Noises after turning off

    Check and see if your power mirrors are moving. It might be the motor. Your pre sets may have them moving into a different position when off. They move back when open the door.
  16. Cwales

    2019 AT4

    Nice. I just installed ready lift sst with 2 inch lift. I like your matching fender flares. I priced them today with GM for my black truck. I’ll have to wait.
  17. Cwales

    New Suspension Suggestions?

    And 10 ply tires. 12 is too stiff unless you have a 2500
  18. Cwales

    New Suspension Suggestions?

    Ready lift sst 2 inch lift in front and 1 inch( if you want) in back. I ran bilstein with 35 nitto ridge grapplers. Best looking truck, but I hated the ride quality smooth ride, protects upper control arms with larger tires.