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  1. Duramaximus

    That's not good for my Duramax friends.
  2. Duramaximus

    Super Bowl LVI - Who's gunna win and why?

    Alright ladies and Gents!!! What do you think is going to take home the trophy? I'm just hoping for a good game and some funny commercials, because my Bears were out of the running a long time ago. :LOL:
  3. Duramaximus

    Recon Tail Lights

    Installed these Recon tail lights today. The fit and finish was perfect. But it should be for how pricey they are. I snagged them during the black Friday sale. Third brake light install is next. I bit more complicated but we will see.
  4. Duramaximus

    Soler Performance Throttle Body

    I installed this guy over the weekend. Install was magically easy and took all of 10 minutes. I've included a link with all of the goodness.
  5. Duramaximus

    GM Issues Stop Sale on Chevy Silverado HD/GMC Sierra HD

    Read all about it:
  6. Duramaximus

    S&B CAI (Installed)

    Coming from an old LBZ it is so nice to work with plastic parts that are still new and will flex a little instead of shattering. That being said S&B really have done a good job with the fit and finish on this intake. Everything fit together perfectly and while the directions could have been...
  7. Duramaximus


    Finally picked up the AT4 today. I had to drive 3 hours away to find a 6.2L but I snagged it. It's was bitter sweet however, as I also sold my LBZ and watched it drive away. I'm very exited for this group and to watch everyone's builds and ideas.