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  1. Cwales

    2022 clunk noise near transmission case or leave spring

    Anyone hearing a clunk noise at slow reverse or slow forward around the transmission case or leaf spring? I know this has been an issue in the past and I’m hearing and feeling at 1600 miles.
  2. Cwales

    2022 chip for heated/AC Seats

    2022 refresh AT4- has anyone been able to install the chip to complete the heated/ac seats? I heard GM is putting this in recent releases, but I have not seen any notice. Mine has heated steering wheel, but the seats are to be retrofitted. Thanks
  3. Cwales

    Refreshed 2022 AT4

    Just picked this up today. mods to come.
  4. Cwales

    Refreshed order to be delivered next week- GMC just increased price by $4k

    Dealership called today to tell me at4 with 6.2 would be in around next week. bad news is GM increased the price by $4k. I could take it or get back the reserve.
  5. Cwales

    Refresh 2022 AT4 Order

    Dealer called today and said my order had been completed. Has several inspections, delivery, etc. From individuals that just received an order, how much longer for the truck to arrive? 3-4 weeks?