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  1. Duramaximus

    What did you do to your AT4 today?

    One of the best investments you can buy. ;)
  2. Duramaximus

    Price increase on ordered AT4

    Hmm. According to this article the price increase was supposed to be around $905 to $1,675. Either way I'm pissed that we as purchasers no longer have an option to choose. It's now being...
  3. Duramaximus

    Problem shifting

    Interesting. Keep us in the loop.
  4. Duramaximus

    Fitting Tires with Ready Lift SST 2.0 lift

    I'm sorry. What is your question?
  5. Duramaximus

    2021 AT4 replaced stock exhaust

    Yeah buddy! I love mine.
  6. Duramaximus

    Interior door panel dents

    Huh? That is odd. I often rest my arm up there as well. I'll have to take a closer look and see if mine is doing the same.
  7. Duramaximus

    Lambo’s 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 build

    Don't you tempt him. :LOL:
  8. Duramaximus

    It’s not an AT4 but . . .

    I wish GM had continued the Kodiak style.
  9. Duramaximus

    What did you do to your AT4 today?

    Excellent find! Just ordered some.
  10. Duramaximus

    Bilstein 5160's in the rear

    Yes sir, that's exactly what I did. The 6112 kits weren't in stock anywhere at the time, so I installed the 5160 in and noticed a difference.
  11. Duramaximus

    Hello from Tampa, Florida

    Welcome, and enjoy!
  12. Duramaximus

    Seat covers

    Good luck with your search. This is my first vehicle with leather seats and while they do look nice, I'm not overly impressed really. It's just kind of meh. I'm simply thrilled that the seats are vented. It's an amazing feeling to have that breeze keeping me under bits cool and dry. :LOL:
  13. Duramaximus

    Anyone have the Bilstein kit in stock?

    It's still nice and smooth but not overly squishy like the Rancho feel. Also, your ass end doesn't feel like it's sliding out from under you when making a turn on the freeway and hitting a pothole.
  14. Duramaximus

    Anyone have the Bilstein kit in stock?

    I snagged mine via They fly off the shelves quick, but I'm told they restock every week.
  15. Duramaximus

    Grill guard installation gone bad!

    Scroll up my man!
  16. Duramaximus

    What do you guys do with old wheels?

    This is exactly what I do.
  17. Duramaximus

    Edge Pulsar LT Programmer

    There is a phone number on that same sight you were on that you can call and get all of the information you need on it.
  18. Duramaximus

    Hello New to the show

    Welcome! Which AT4 vehicle did you end up getting?