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    Extended Warranty Question

    What did you decide to do? I’ve been talking to Knapp, my local Chevy dealer, and MacMulken for a GM Warranty on my ‘23 AT4
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    2023 AT4 -To level or not to level

    I just had the ReadyLift 2” SST leveling/lift kit installed on my ‘23 AT4. I called around 3-4 places and they all recommended it over the 1.75” kit. It allows you to put a slightly larger tire on when you desire. I’d recommend going with that. The truck shop realigned everything as part of the...
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    lift vs level?

    I’m having this same kit installed on mine Tuesday. Looks awesome!
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    lift vs level?

    Black trucks are just downright sexy! The only color truck I’ll buy.
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    Window tint?

    I always do 20% ceramic on the fronts. Many of the tint places will tell you to do 15% or 18% on the fronts, but I did that once and I couldn’t stand the look from inside the truck. The front windows were noticeably darker tinted than the backs. Looked fine from the outside, but goofy from the...
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    Here’s how I think the AT4 stereo happened….

    Had mine installed today. The difference is incredible and that little 10” woofer kicks out some bass! I have the newer model that doesn’t have all the adjustment capabilities and I don’t care a bit. I’m perfectly happy adjusting it from the head unit. I personally like the Bose system in my...
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    Rear Seat rattle

    I had this on my new ‘23. Every time I hit a little bump it sounded like a metal on metal rattle coming from either behind the middle or passenger side rear seat. I was planning on letting the dealership know about it but one day I was cleaning the back of the truck and I sat down on the middle...
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    2023 AT4 -To level or not to level

    Those who have leveled the truck…did you have to realign anything afterwards? Cameras, detection systems, headlights?
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    Unbelievably Slow Charging Sources

    I love my AT4, but there are a couple things I loved more about the RAM. I tested the charging ports in the truck and there’s a YT video out there doing the same. gM used the slowest oldest type ports you could put in a vehicle right now.
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    Does anyone have a bug shield they recommend?

    Looking for recommendations for a sleek looking bug shield. I was looking at the Aeroskin 2, but I read a lot of people saying they had various issues with the hood raising up or side mirrors rattling at highway speeds. Any recommendations and/or pics? Or should I just leave it alone? I’m just...
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    Unbelievably Slow Charging Sources

    My USB-C ports are massively underpowered as well. Nothing in this truck is fast charging. However, today I went to the Apple Store and purchased a 35w fast charger brick that has two USB-C ports on it and fits perfectly in the 120v outlet under the armrest. The thing is blazing fast, but you...
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    Unbelievably Slow Charging Sources

    Well, there’s always load on the phone due to wireless CarPlay
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    Unbelievably Slow Charging Sources

    Maybe my expectations are too high, but my previous 2021 RaM would fully charge my iPhone in like 45min from dead. I took an hour and half drive the other day and the wireless charger in my GMC charged my phone 3% and the dealer says it’s functioning properly. The USB-C ports in the GMC aren’t...
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    Unbelievably Slow Charging Sources

    Hey all. I have a 2023 Sierra 1500 AT4 and I’m wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the possibility of swapping out the absolutely worthless OEM USB-A and USB-C ports with upgraded fast charging ports? I work a lot from the road and these ports don’t even keep my laptop charged. My 120v...
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    Carbon Pro

    The tailgate kicker speakers are definitely a dealer installed item. The dealership should have installed them. I’d call them and ask about it, especially if they are listed on your window sticker.
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    New Softwsre installation request

    Got my brand new AT4 2 weeks ago. About 3 days after I got it I got my first OTA notification. No biggie, I followed the directions and the update installed successfully. No issues for about 3-4 days then one morning I got up and my battery was dead. After two trips to the dealership they...
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    Hello from Naples, FL

    No, thankfully. Actually my brand new truck has spent more time at the dealership than with me so far. I had a defective power seat module. New one ordered, can’t ship due to the strike. Soooo…it’s been a lot of fun so far!
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    Hello from Naples, FL

    Hey all! Just purchased a new 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 a couple weeks ago. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. 😊